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Floodbase x Fathom: Improving disaster response with integrated flood data

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July 25, 2023

When a flood disaster strikes, having accurate data is crucial. Timely, accurate information about impacted areas, population, infrastructure and crops can make a significant difference on a community’s ability to cope with flooding. Yet some of the world’s most flood-prone regions often lack sufficient data to effectively respond and rebuild. 

In partnership with Fathom, we hosted an event showcasing how the integration of Floodbase’s earth observation data with Fathom’s flood model  can improve risk planning and emergency response, even in data-scarce regions. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Early warning is possible:  With access to over 35 years of public satellite imagery, it is now possible to evaluate past flood risks worldwide. By indexing local flood severity and delivering highly accurate impact analytics within hours to days, early warning systems have reached a new level of effectiveness. This enhanced capability can prove critical in improving disaster response.
  2. Better data, faster response: Timely support in the aftermath of disaster is crucial to minimizing long-term negative consequences. With new flood data, communities can implement innovative insurance and climate financing schemes that provide aid and capital within days instead of weeks or months. Receiving payouts faster has been shown to increase a community’s capacity to cope with flooding. 
  3. Data integration for increasing flood resilience: In a project in Zimbabwe, integrating observation-based data with flood models enabled the development of a fully integrated emergency system for event mapping and forecast alerting. This system offered local authorities vital information in the wake of Tropical Storm Ana.

During the event, Floodbase's Annalee Tai presented case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of earth observation-based event mapping in Mozambique and the Republic of Congo. She also showcases the value of integrated data inputs in projects across Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

You can watch a full recording of the event here.

To learn more about Floodbase's data solution for parametric flood insurance and disaster response, contact our team.