Risk analysis

Preparing for Floods in High-Risk Locations

Cloud to Street’s flood intelligence leverages satellite records to determine flood risk at the property, county, or country level to help communities adapt and prepare for flooding.

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Building Resilience to Flooding

Planners and decision-makers need to know which regions are at risk of flooding to design adaptive strategies in a climate-changed world. Lacking sufficient historical flood records, it is difficult to mitigate flood risk.

With Cloud to Street’s 35-year flood risk data, leaders can make evidence-based decisions about flood management ranging from dam strengthening or reconstruction, relocation of vulnerable populations, or managed retreat.

30+ Years of Historical Record

Using real images, our platform can identify infrastructure failures, urbanization trends, and the most at-risk populations.

Complement to Existing Models

We represent diverse flood types, and capture human interventions that models miss.

Precise and Actionable Data

Our maps are resolute enough to provide property-level insights, and cover custom regions depending on the client’s needs.

Case Studies

The world’s largest re/insurers are launching flood parametric products with Cloud to Street.

"These analyses helped WFP Sudan plan and determine emergency assessments and response, eventually reaching approximately 20,000 individuals in this locality with assistance."
Abraham Abatneh
Head of Emergencies, WFP Sudan