Parametric Flood Insurance

Closing the Global Flood Protection Gap

Cloud to Street’s flood intelligence makes it possible to both underwrite and trigger parametric flood insurance policies and insure against risk in any place in the world.

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Unlocking a New Insurance Market

75% of all flood losses are uninsured. Parametric flood insurance is the only path to closing this gap, but a lack of historical flood data combined with an inability to monitor floods in real-time have made these policies impossible to construct.

Cloud to Street fills this critical data gap. Using satellite imagery, our Flood Intelligence Platform is the first solution to provide the capability to price and trigger parametric flood policies using index values.

Decades of Historical Data

Access the largest flood dataset in the world and build parametric indexes off of 30+ years of historical data.

Near Real-Time Monitoring

Leverage 17 optical and radar satellites, down to 30 cm resolution, to track any flood around the world in near-real time.

Peak Flood Analysis

Get an accurate picture of a flood at its greatest extent, regardless of cloud cover, weather, or terrain.

Case Studies

The world’s largest re/insurers are launching flood parametric products with Cloud to Street.

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