Emergency Disaster Response

Responding to Disaster in Near-Real Time

Cloud to Street delivers impact information on emergency timescales to enable faster, better response in any part of the globe.

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Bridging the Information Gap

As flood disasters unfold, disaster managers need access to information as quickly as possible: how many people are affected? Which critical assets are at-risk? Where are the worst-hit communities? Are hospitals, roads, or crops affected?

Low-internet environments and physical access constraints make it difficult to get this information from the ground. Cloud to Street provides insights on the people, cropland, and infrastructure impacted by flooding within 72 hours of an event.

Near Real-Time Monitoring

We deliver reports of flood extent and impacts daily, weekly, or monthly during a country’s critical rainy season.

Emergency Support

We offer granular maps of flooding and impact analytics at 1-10m resolution within hours to days of an event.

Impact Alerts

Our platform populates key statistics about critical infrastructure and delivers live alerts to decision makers.

Case Studies

The world’s largest re/insurers are launching flood parametric products with Cloud to Street.

“Cloud to Street’s Flood Intelligence Platform provided the infrastructure to detect and respond more quickly to floods that previously did not exist.”
Director of Prevention and Risk Reduction to Catastrophe Republic of the Congo
WFP Republic of the Congo